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Mitch Lee

I'm a cofounder at Arc. Previously, I cofounded Penny, which was acquired by Credit Karma in 2018. I write (infrequently) about topics I find interesting or think others might find helpful. Enjoy!

Combining finances
A guide to shared finances after marriage
Your first 500 users
A step by step account of Penny's early user growth
Making an introduction
It's a science, not an art
Empathy building at work
A simple exercise to improve communication
Your writing style is costly
Or, a case for using punctuation in Slack
Undervaluing time at work
The strategic value of working excess hours
A guide to setting annual goals
Make them measurable, flexible, and routine
How my parents taught me about finances
If you will ever have kids, this is for you
Raising your first $1,000,000
Or, a beginner's guide to raising a seed round
Rethinking referral codes
Or, 🍕💯🚀
Launching on Product Hunt
The good, the bad, the ugly
A newbie's guide to incorporating
Step by step instructions for incorporating your startup
The economics of biking to work
It costs more than you think
A heat map of my life
As told by the places I eat
Flexible working arrangements
Guidelines for responsible work schedules